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Dolores Robinson
Dolores Robinson
What an amazing experience! Just had my first counselling session with Clive. He made me feel comfortable and I found it easy to talk to him. I came away with a clear mind and the ability to make decisions that I had been pondering for months. Clive asks the right questions, to get the honest answers. I would highly recommend a session with Clive, even if you just want an opportunity to talk and open your mind. You will definitely want to book more sessions. Enjoy the process :)
Chloé E.
Chloé E.
Sometimes it’s worth checking in with a professional before life gets on top of you. If you do decide to, Clive is an attentive listener who can help you work on the mindset and coping mechanisms you need before you need them. Would highly recommend.
Clive is a very skilled counsellor who has helped me massively through some really overwhelming challenges which I’ve faced over the years. I value his wisdom and he is very patient, especially when helping me to keep my perspective in tact whilst dealing with the challenges. I’m so grateful to have Clive as my counsellor and mentor. I have no idea how I would have coped without his advice during this season. Thank you for all your hard work and your guidance throughout this process. Would highly recommend Clive as your go to for any advice you need.
Smak - August 31, 2022

Non judgemental and outstanding service

Counselling sessions with Clive were amazing. He understood our problems and was able to break everything down in simplest terms. He provided key tools that truly helped us move forward in our marriage. Every bit of time and money spent on our sessions were beyond worth it. He has restored a lot and we are still using his tools for guidance. I would highly recommend his services. Don’t hold back, he is non judgemental and seeks to provide a top notch service. Thank you so much Clive

Darren Gordon - January 26, 2022

Outstanding service

I highly recommend Clive’s counselling sessions. Clive has been instrumental to me in terms of providing sound unbiased therapy. Clive demonstrates excellent communication skills for example listening and verbal communication. It is fair to say that Clive definitely has his clients interest at heart, as many of my sessions were extended with there being no pressure from Clive to end the session. Clive is definitely a people’s person who is extremely passionate about the service he is providing. I would not hesitate to recommend Clive to a family member or friend. In fact I have already recommended a friend to him.

Delina and Wayne - January 26, 2022

Altered our relationship path- highly recommended

When my partner and myself came to Clive, we were on the verge of a break up, after being together for five years. Clive has a way of approaching individuals and couples in a fashion that suits all. Thanks to Clive, we have grown stronger in our relationship, engaged and planning a weeding now, all because of you. Clive, you truly are God sent. We would’ve not reached where we are had you not come into our lives. Your counseling has changed our relationship tremendously. Clive is the most patient, understanding a, empathetic and professional councilor. He has vast life experience, which has added extensive benefit to our sessions with him.

Joe - Photographer - August 26, 2021

Highly recommended

I’d highly recommend Clive at Urise for Counselling sessions as I’ve found him to be extremely great at looking at peoples situations and giving support and direction where it is needed. These aren’t your average listening sessions which I was expecting. Clive’s ability to look at someone’s situation and help make a positive transformation and handle a situation positively and manage personal problems is really amazing. He has helped me transform my life and issues. I would highly recommend using Clive at Urise if you are looking for Counselling sessions, with the added bonus of receiving his guidance and support was a winner for me.

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