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Urise Provides the best Anger Counselling in Hackney. Book Anger Counselling and Get 20 Minutes free consultation.

Anger Counselling in Hackney with Urise Counselling

If you’re struggling to manage your anger, it can have a significant impact on your relationships, work, and overall well-being. Urise Counselling in Hackney offers a range of counselling services to support individuals in effectively managing their anger and finding healthy ways to express their emotions.

Anger is a natural, human emotion, but when it becomes overwhelming or uncontrollable, it can lead to destructive behaviors and negative consequences. At Urise Counselling, our experienced counsellors provide a safe and supportive environment for clients to explore the root causes of their anger and develop coping strategies to deal with it in a constructive manner.

Our anger counselling program is tailored to each individual, taking into account their unique experiences and triggers. Through therapy, clients can learn to identify their triggers, express their emotions in a healthy way, and develop effective communication skills to manage conflicts and frustrations.

Anger counselling at Urise Counselling focuses on empowering individuals to take control of their emotions and live a more fulfilling and peaceful life. Our goal is to equip clients with the tools and strategies they need to navigate through challenging situations without letting anger dictate their actions.

If you’re struggling with anger management, don’t hesitate to seek help. Urise Counselling is dedicated to providing professional and compassionate support to help you overcome your anger issues and improve your overall quality of life.


Managing anger is an essential skill for maintaining healthy relationships and achieving personal well-being. With the support of Urise Counselling in Hackney, individuals can work through their anger issues and develop the strategies needed to lead a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Following are the counselling services we provide: 

– Bereavement Counselling
– Marriage Counselling
– Depression Counselling
– Anxiety Counselling
– Stress Counselling
– Trauma Counselling
– Anger Counselling
– Loss Counselling
– Loneliness Counselling
– Relationship  Counselling
– Couple Counselling

Yes, we provide free 20 minutes consultation.

Per hour:
Single sessions £70.00.
If paid in advance £65.00. 

Per hour:
Single sessions £90.00.
If paid in advance £85.00. 

No, the session Charges/Fee are not refundable.

At Urise Counselling, We cover London and Essex (Surrounding Areas) for Walk-In Counselling. 
Moreover, we provide counselling services international via Online Video Sessions.

Yes, we provide counselling services international via Online Video Sessions (Zoom and Skype)

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